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Wednesday, January 1, 2014



The Zarathushti faith, champions  “Truth” and Justice (A-SHA-अशा );

A-sha is that mechanism , that algorithm, devised by Ahura Mazda to operate his Creation-the universe, REALITY , both at the physical and spiritual levels.

This TRUTH and Justice based belief system of the Zarathushti faith,
 is anchored in factual knowledge and reason. This is REALITY- the rhythm of the Universe

A-SHA ..................................................................1

, the operational mechanism of the universe, becomes the law of consequences for humanity at the spiritual level.
It is that inevitable balancing mechanism; a learning devise whereby whatever action we carry out, whether Good or Bad, comes back to us as consequences that bless (or haunt) us. 

What you sow will be what you reap. It is this acquired knowledge from “experience” that enables us, to intelligently chart our future path and in effect mold our destiny.
The ideal man (Arya[1]आर्य ) therefore, upholds the Truth, protects Justice vigorously, while always anchored in Reality. This is A-sha in action.

[1] Arya, from Ar = energetic and ya (short for yana) = pure (divinely) intentioned.
The word Arya (and its cognate Arya-man) expressed a particular ethical  attitude to life. It is an ideal  lifestyle,  of candor, courtesy, nobility, straight dealing, courage, gentleness, purity, humanity, compassion, protection of the weak, liberality, observance of duty, eagerness to absorbing  knowledge, and respect  for the wise and learned. Anything that departed from this ideal, anything that tended towards the ignoble, mean, obscure, rude, cruel or false, was termed un-arya or anarya (colloq. Anari, stupid). The word was never used to reference a race or a tribe.

Ys28.5: Mantra elaborating the algorithm, the rhythmic formula that is Asha

Asha kat thwaa dar-saa-nee              
How, O Asha, may I commune with Thee. How do i understand the working  of that divine balancing Creation that runs the Universe.

Manas-chaa Vohu Vaidey-mano        
As Mankind’s beloved teacher, who educates (not instructs)  and  guides us along our learning process,

Gaa-toom-chaa Ahura,
That journey of learning, from life's experiences, in symphony with the Universal mechanism, of continuous improvement, designed by our immortal Creator

Sey-vish-tai Sev-rao-shem Mazda
 That mechanism (principle of existence), which inspires practice of actions, that are selfless, promote joy, and are celebrated through the dawning of Wisdom         

A-naa manthra mazish-tem
  Inspiring great ideas, that serves as food, as nutrition, to acts of excellence,

Vaay-roi-mai-dee khraf-straa  hi-zvaa
That excellence of leading* by example, those who are ethically deficient (challenged), towards the highest good.

Word Entomology:
Kat: How
Thwaa: thou
Dar-saa-nee: Sk. Darshan; communion, visualization of the Lord. 
Manas-chaa: of reasoned thinking
Vohu: divine/beloved
Vai-dey-mano: knowledge comprehension (with intelligence)
Gaa-toom: universal (harmonious) path way
Sey-vish-tai[1]: Regularity, repeated (like a Ritual); that which promotes joy, happiness
Sev-ra-oshem: divine guidance/inspiration/revelation
Mazda: great dispenser/enlightened judge
Ana: (through this) Food, that which feeds us, motivates us
Man-thraa: conscious raising, mental stimulation
Maz-ish-tem; excellent (Maz = Vedic Mah = Great; Ish = wish fulfillment
Vaa-roi-maidee: guide/channel. 
  * If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. - John Adams
Khraf-straa: ethically challenged/ethically deficient orientation
Hizva: (Vedic Jivhaa) tongue/speech/language

[1]  The term   Sey-vish-ta  in the Gathas and its cognate Sav-angha  in the Havan Geh invocation, both referring to to the juice of Hoama, are derived from the root ‘Sav”,  meaning that which enables one to be in communion with the lord (Vohu Manah-the beloved mind) , to be enraptured in his love,  that which is a designed method, a ritual or procedure. This is mysticism, Holy Communion. It is in these different senses that the word has been used in the Gathas, and on the physical plane of wearing and tying our kusti. Cognate words such as Ut-sav (festivity), Aa-sav (elixir) or Sav-n (pressing of soma/hoama leaves for juice) all of which are associated with delight, ecstasy, rapture.

This universal and timeless (immortal) concept of Truth and Justice, anchored in Reality is celebrated by the 
Ash-ao no Stoi-sh (the Stoi-स्तोइ , or Mantric Invocation to Ash-a) or the Ashem Vohu Mantra.

Yasna 27.14.:

Ash-em Vo-hu, Vah-ish-tem Asti,
Promoting Beloved Ash-a (Truth and Justice) with pure intent is the greatest, Real wealth;

Ush-ta Asti,
It is that path of Light; which results in most desired (ideal) outcome

Ush-ta Ah-maai, Hyaat Ash-aai, Vah-ish-taai Ash-em
This Greatest, desired wealth (happiness), is ours (gained by us), only through acts of pure selflessness.

Knowledge after all, is the collation of facts; it is the Light, which dispatches ignorance. 
Applied with an ethically positive Attitude and simplified into an action plan; knowledge based on practical experience (corrections of previous mistakes) leads to innovation and blossoms into wisdom.

This positive attitude or Positive mindedness is called 
Spen-ta  Mun-yu.
People who cultivate positive attitudes are caring, confident and humble. They seek out the good, search for what is right in a person or situation, rather than what is wrong or apportioning of blame. Being anchored in reality, they recognize their limitations, but focus on their own strengths. 

Actively seeking out the positive does not imply ignoring or overlooking faults or negative situations.

Negative attitudes or Angra Mun-yu  is identified as traits such as ego, anger, malice, envy, greed and sloth. They result in bitterness, resentment, victimization complex, a pre-disposition to violence, purposeless life, high stress and its resultant poor health, to both the self as well as to others unfortunate enough to be in the same vicinity.

 Yasna 28.1: 
Spenta-hyaa A-shaa vi-speng Shyao-th-naa 
Pure, Positive, Productive intentions, are the impregnable armour for actions/deeds which are True and Just.

Knowledge, that locomotive that dispels the darkness of ignorance, or the piling up of irrefutable facts, is, therefore, considered the foundation, and Wisdom, the achieved goal based on application of the collected facts into an action plan. Truth is therefore supreme and compromise with ethics (a definition of Politics) is considered unethical.

Aevo pan-thao yo asha-ey; Vis-pam an-y-aesham apan-tam "
There is only one logical pathway to excellence, and that is of 
A-SHA, All others (that undermine Knowledge or compromise with Ethics) are of no consequence and profit no one.

Symbolizing the inherent unity and inter connectivity of the universe, this knowledge based TRUTH has to be arrived at, exclusively through Love, Compassion, Humility, Patience, and Devotion. This is High Mindedness; a mentality anchored in Love.

Vohu Manah …………………………………….....2
That immortal-timeless principle representing the cords (reins) that binds, that interconnects everything in the universe.

 Pictorial representation at the Surat Atar-sh Adarian of the Sun, the stars and the moon (in effect the whole universe) tied together by the cords of Vohu Manah.

Yasna 31.2

Ai-byo Mazda Ahuro
Those Souls, O wise Creator,

Saa-rey Maano Vo-hoo Manangha
Those of the diverse humanity who are Inspired (to act) by thy rule of Love

Ksha-thraat Ha-chaa Paiti Mraot
Assured are they, thy declared supporters, of thy protection

Asha Hush-ha-khaa, Khu-ven-vaa-taa
Thy glorious aura lending support to Truth and Justice

Spentam vey Aa-ra-maitim
Vang-heem Var-mai-dee; Haa ney Ang-haat
May thy victorious benevolence, penetrate the depths of their souls infusing them with Energy and Persistence.

Ai-byo : To them (diverse souls)
Mazda Ahuro: Wise, almighty Creator
Saa-rey : inspiring (guiding), from root Sr: divine inspiration
Maano: Mankind  (capable of reasoning)
Vo-hoo Manangha: Strength based on Love -high mindedness
Ksha-thra-at: power (strength)
ha-chaa: allied (in harmony) with
paiti: Vedic pati, Protector
mra-ot: declare (loudly)
A-sha : Truth and Justice
hush-ha-khaa: close associate
khu-ven-vaa-taa: splendorous/glorious, from root Khw: to glow, aura
Spen-tam : Pure (Divine)
Vey:  thee
Aa-ra-maitim: Insightful, Virtuous,  Energy
Vang-heem : Victoriously benevolent (without recourse to threats or destructive behaviour)
Var-mai-dee: Chosen (from Vr: to choose)
Haa: enter
Ney:  definitely
ang-haat: (my) body/my being/intellect

This imagery is extrapolated to humanity in Yasna 44.18.:

Dasa Aspao arshna-vaitish Ushtram-chaa
Of achieving an expert command/control, over the 10 senses with strength and intelligence [1]

[1] Ten mares (Senses)  led by a stallion (strength, persistence-will power) and guided intelligently, with wisdom, by the the illuminated intellect (represented by the camel) . Intelligent regulation of ones Senses is critical to successfully go through Life.
Senses are like turbulent, wild horses. The body is the chariot. Mind is the reins, and Intellect is the driver. The Atman is the Lord of the chariot. If the senses are not kept under proper control, they will topple the chariot and in effect damage/hurt the driver. A charioteer who keeps the reins firm and drives intelligently by exersising full control over the horses (senses), along the path of A-sha will reach Ha-urva-tat (Perfection/self Realization) the Abode of Eternal Bliss and Amere-tat (oneness in the divinity).

Man is thus advised to apply his intelligence and like a charioteer direct his senses (referred to as horses) by expertly controlling (handling) these cords/reins. Whereas destiny at birth, may be randomly predetermined by A-sha; it is up to the individual man to take control of his own reins (Vohu Manah) and forge his/her own destiny. For the Zarathushti, the concept of pre-ordination (without statistical validation) of any event is foolish at best and detracts from the basic requirement of individual action bearing fruits.

This bond (cord) of LOVE that supports TRUTH and Knowledge has to be applied with Power and Strength of Purpose. Love after all, conquers ALL; but knowledge (education, through collection and analysis of factual information) and the resultant dawning of wisdom, based on application of past practical experience, becomes power only when acted upon with strength of purpose. This is:

Kshathra, the Power-Strength of the Great Wise Lord/Ruler, 
Ahura Maz-daa. is both his Kingdom and his Power/Strength. The Great Lord Commands respect and adoration through use of Power, Wisely and with Love. Having no destructive attributes, there is no scope for demanding obedience or respect, because that is the path of the foolish tyrant. In mankind, this is the perceptive power of purpose, of commitment through knowledge (education, not instruction or indoctrination); that ability, derived from experience, to make intelligent, responsible choices (Vai-ryo) to successfully handle all of life’s situations.
Will Power translates to conquest of the mind, to subdue and root out the negative mentality (envy, greed, anger, malice, sloth, and ego); by logic and conviction to the cause of righteousness, not compulsion. 

Utopia after all, is not achieved by rites and rituals, by pilgrimages, or inherited by wealth. It can be attained only by the conquest of one’s mind, by harvesting wisdom from experience. 

Ivory Mosaic Panel of a winged Lion (excavated in Gonur in BMAC)

Yasna 30.7:
Ah-mai –chaa Kshthraa Jaa-sat, 
Flow onto us truthful souls, Strength of character;

Manangha Vohu Asha-chaa,
A pure high mindedness-Love and Compassion, aligned with the Truth;

At Kehr-pem Uta-yoi-tish 
Progressive Elevation (Evolution) of my physical body, beyond earthly (material) obsessions/expectations,

Dadat Ara-maitish Aa-naa-maa
With energetic motivation and resoluteness, in our daily lives

A-ey-shaam Poi* aa Angha-haat 
Protection to successfully overcome physical (earthly) infirmities (limitations)

Yatha A-yang- haa Aada-naish Pow-ru-yo
and successful triumph over the challenges (ordeals) of life

Work is worship (Uninterrupted acts of selflessness being offered to the Creator) therefore becomes the epitaph of the Zarathoshti Dae-na, underlining the real reason for preference of worship, facing a living, breathing, continuously fed fire called the Atar-sh . It inculcates in the devotee the fact that purity of thoughts and words must be followed up by action. Actions which are continuous and never ceasing. Just like the holy fire of the Atar-sh Behram is fed continuously and diligently (Boi ); man is enjoined to feed the Ath-raa (inner flame) of his soul with thoughts, words and deeds aligned to righteousness. 

Aa-thraa, after all is that conscious and forceful spark that is the immortal guest in our mortality .
Athra therefore represents Pure intentioned, Power-Kshathra (Will), a Force of the Great Wise Ruler, Mazda. In mankind, it is the power (commitment of purpose) fueled by wisdom and Love, to successfully handle all of life’s situations.

For Zarathushtra, devotion to the almighty is through a never ending (continuous-like a joyous ritual)  positive (constructive) deeds of selflessness arrived at, intelligently, with careful and responsible deliberation and  guided by the cords (reins) of love and compassion.

According to Dr Irach Taraporewalla ; this is the transformation of the worship and adoration of an abstract God head into Love of humanity. One leads by example; not duress. Devotion to Ahura Mazda, not by mere verbal declaration, but through acts of Righteousness, therefore becomes a lifestyle, and not restricted to liturgy and rituals.

Yasna 27.15.: Yenghe-hatam:

Yen-ghe haataam aat yasne paiti van-gho 
Maz-da Ahu-ro vae-tha, 
ash-at ha-cha, yaon-gham-cha
tan-s-cha, tao-s-cha yaza-maide.
Those(Men and Women) , who intelligently make their every act (endeavor), An act of worship,
Promoting the cause of Truth (knowledge) and  Justice in unison, with the cosmic Rhythm of the Universe;
Are recognized and protected by thee, as victorious souls, O Ahura Mazda;
Each one of these, who have been and who are,
With reverence will I recall by name, And strive to emulate their example (holy deeds)

Word Break-up:
Yen-ghe: whose/those
haa-taam: Vedic Satam: society, living souls
aat: indeed
yas-ne: worship
pai-ti: vedic pati: protective guide, worthy of devotion, affording protection
van-gho: victorious realm (life)
Maz-da: Great Wise Dispenser (vedic “Dha”)
Ahu-ro: Omniscient Creator
vae-tha: recognized (by),
a-sh-at: promoting Asha (Truth, Knowledge, Justice)
hach-aa: by virtue of, on the basis of
yaon-gham-cha: of such honest effort
tans-cha: of the body (tan), --- of those men and women
taos-cha: (honored family elders) of those ancestors
yaza-maide : we esteem, revere, invoke

This is the purpose behind recital of the Names of Ahura Mazda.
Ahura Mazda is the ONE, the Many, the ALL, and  beyond all form.
Each attribute of Ahura Mazda, is, therefore, our divinely beloved (
Vohu) Goal (Arthaa) to emulate and try to achieve.

The first rule of success, and one that supersedes all others, is to have energy. It is important to know how to concentrate it. One must focus ones’ energy on important matters instead of frittering it away on meaningless things.  Nothing will add more power (ksha-tra) to ones life than concentrating all of ones’ energy on a limited set of goals. 

The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus.

One must, therefore, gather all their resources, rally all of their faculties, marshal their energy, 
and  focus all of their capacities on attaining the objective.

Just as the Sun is on perpetual duty, providing us with life sustaining light and  heat, and ensuring the orbits of the planets around it, so too, we are enjoined to actively and energetically Espouse and  aggressively promote the cause of TRUTH and  JUSTICE in Life. 
Excellence after all is rooted in focused Visualization of the goal, a motivated, energetic devotion. This is the immortal-timeless principal:

Aara-maiti : Energetic Persistence….4. 

Addressed as Mother Earth, (See the statuette of Aramaiti riding a Lion; excavated in BMAC).

Aara-maiti is, therefore, our insightful guide, energizing and  empowering us with persistence.
Derived from “Aara”, meaning Active/energetic (to do service) and  “Maiti”, meaning, enthusiastic devotion-determination to purpose, patience , persistence, perseverance , and steadfastness; Aa-ra-maiti; represents Steadfastness of purpose, an energizer, a motivator, removing our apathy/lethargy.

Chak-Chak. The Temple dedicated to Mother-Earth (Ara-maiti)

 "Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination are omnipotent. The slogan 'press on' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race."                 Calvin Coolidge.

Theologically, Aara-maiti is opposed to ascetic (uninvolved) behavior, self denial (reclusion), Procrastination, Apathy  and Expediency (all identified asTara-maiti ). This spiritual assertion is based on the logic that Apathy can only be overcome by burning Enthusiasm and enthusiasm can only be aroused or motivated by an ideal that takes imagination by storm and the formulation of an intelligent plan for carrying out that ideal into practice.

Procrastination is after all the sneakiest thief of every opportunity that comes ones' way. Energetic Initiative is the only logical choice; as in Life; "Change" is the only Constant.
The ability to take energetic and focused action, based on a positive and constructive plan is what separates achievers from the excuse makers.

Yasna 31.9:
Thu-voi aas ara-mai-tish ; Thu-vey aa geush taa-shaa aas khra-tush 
Thou art our guide, O Aramaiti, embodying the earth, clarifying our goals, igniting in us, motivation for the cause of Truth and Justice.

It is only through ones’ own conscience that a man ascertains what is right from what is wrong. The conscience therefore perforce has to be intelligently developed and strengthened. For like a color blind man unable to distinguish between colors, the man of perverted conscience cannot distinguish between right and wrong.
Like building muscles, conscience is an acquired asset, requiring daily and regular exercise.

Mastering the conscience and  the above mentioned faculties requires INSPIRATION. This is 
SRA-OSH, the divine Light (osh/Ush) that Inspires/Stimulates (Sr ) the mental faculties. This is the fifth immortal and sovereign principle.

Sra-osh (Divine Inspiration)...................5:

Yasna 30.2: 
Srao-taa geush-aashish vahishta,
Aa-vae-na-taa soocha manangha,

Listen actively and attentively to 
Sra-osh; extract that wealth, that divine inspirational advice to the highest Good.

Aa-var-nao vee-chee-thyaa, 
narem, narem khwa-khyaai taa-nu-yey 
Ahmai ney saaz-dyaai bao-dan to paiti 

 Weigh options intelligently; Decide and  Choose between Right and Wrong, 
Because it is your own decision that will bear fruit (good or bad) and  guide your future destiny.

Derived from the root “Sr”, meaning to hear, to be mentally stimulated, and  “osh”, meaning divine Light; “Sra-osh” means Divine Inspiration. This divinely inspired guidance infuses in devotees a sense of Direction when tossed about in doubt.

The Gathas , the bedrock of Zarathushti philosophy, composed by our Saviour (
Pai-gam-ber ); Zarathushtra, are thus called “Sraa-vee”, (just as the Vedas are called, Shru-ti), a word, meaning "divinely revealed/inspired Scripture". 

Both are derived from the root word “Sr”. Being Mantras, they have a rhythmic meter , with a specific sound syllable and resulting vibration , inspiring the devotee to a higher purpose. 

Mantra literally means 'instrument of thought'; that which when intoned stimulates the mind. They are devotional mantric hymns, which through their intrinsic quality of stimulation of the intellect and reasoning faculties, benefit those who chant them with devotion and understanding. They form the original constituents of the Gathas.

This 5 Fold Path (Pancha Tak-aesha) are thus the Eternal Positive (
Amesha Spenta) and  Timeless-Immortal principles (concepts) to be followed with a positive (Spenta) attitude (Mun-yu) to successfully achieve the goal of Perfection or self realization (Ha-urva-tat) and subsequent Immortality through merger in Divinity (Amere-tat).

Yasna 31.6:The mantra of Ha-urva-tat (Perfection-Self Realization):

Ahmai anga-hat vahishtem
Yey moi vid-waao vaao-chaat hai-theem
Manthrem yim ha-urva-tat-to
Asha-hiyaa amer-taa-taas-chaa
Mazda aai a-vat kshathrem
Hyaat hoi vohoo va-kshaat manangha

Stimulate my intellect with the best, That mantra of 
Ha-urva-tat :That prosperity, that perfect state of self realization, achieved through knowledge and doubtless comprehension.
 Like the ever expanding Universe, Expanding and  Increasing the cause of righteousness, is that, which when put to practice, achieves perfection (self realization) and immortality through oneness with Thee, O Great Wise Dispenser (Mazda), in thy realm , where Love and compassion reigns supreme.

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